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Meet the team

Francisco Aguilera Portrait

Francisco Aguilera

CEO, Head Developer and Graphic Designer

Francisco is a Pittsburgh-born entrepreneur and the original founder and visionary of Dapper-Apps LLC. His experience working for some of the best tech companies and innovators in Computer Science and diversity have made him into a top notch global developer.

Antonio Assenza Portrait

Antonio Assenza

CFO, Head of Business and Public Relations

Antonio has gained vast experience working for different companies globally as part of their finance department and as a business consultant. A fierce inventor, Antonio loves pushing the boundaries of conventional ideas.

Rafael Aguilera Portrait

Rafael Aguilera

Head Composer, Animator and Graphic Designer

Rafael is a Computer Scientist specializing in animation, design and musical composition. He has a wide range of experience and over 9 years of training in Music and Art. We always count on him to compose clever pieces for our products.

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